Rodan and Fields

Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, dermatologists who are also the founders of "PROACTIV" The premium skin care brand "Rodan + Fields" launched by two female cosmetologists in 2000 is I want as many women as possible to realize the difference in their daily skin care and gain confidence by achieving the best skin in their history. It is a skin care brand born from such a feeling.

「プロアクティブ(PROACTIV)」の創業者でもあり、皮膚科医のケイティ・ロダン(Katie Rodan)医師とキャシー・フィールズ(Kathy Fields)医師の2人の女性美容皮膚科医が2000年に立ち上げたプレミアムスキンケアブランド「ロダン+フィールズ」は、ひとりでも多くの女性に、日々のスキンケアで違いを実感いただき、自分史上ベストな肌を叶えることで自信を手に入れてもらいたい。そんな想いから誕生したスキンケアブランドです。

This salon is a regular store of "Rodan + Fields". You can purchase "Rodan + Fields" cosmetics.


Expected effect

  • Dry skin (乾燥肌)
  • Lack of firmness (ハリツヤのなさ)
  • Dullness (くすみ)
  • Uneven color (色ムラ)
  • Unstable skin (不安定な肌)
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