Golden Lift (金の糸)

Waht's Golden Lift

"Golden Lift" cosmetology is a procedure that is expected to improve skin aging signs and skin problems by embedding pure gold thread with a diameter of 0.1 mm (thin hair) into the dermis layer of the skin.Capillaries and collagen are generated around the embedded "Golden Lift" by the action of expelling foreign substances and increasing the number of cells.Then, white blood cells such as macrophages of immune cells that remove all viruses and waste products are activated.In addition, fibroblasts are stimulated to produce abundant collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. In other words, the "Golden Lift" itself does not beautify the skin, but it is a treatment that exerts its effect by drawing out the power of the skin.

Our salon is affiliated with "the Belle Cosmetic Surgery Clinic" in Shibuya, Tokyo, which specializes in cosmetic surgery. After counseling by a professional counselor, you can move to Tokyo and receive a safe treatment by a Aesthetic Plastic surgeon.



Expected effect

  • Skin gloss (肌のつや)
  • Skin elasticity (肌の弾力)
  • Age spots (しみ)
  • Wrinkles (しわ)
  • Sagging (たるみ)
  • Reduction of cellulite (セルライトの減少)
  • Whitening (美白)
  • Beautiful skin (美肌)

Features (特徴)

★ A safe and secure treatment by a Aesthetic Plastic surgeon.
★ The treatment will be performed at a beauty clinic in Tokyo. There will be a subsidy for transportation expenses.
★ Forehead, around tsumugi, face (forehead, cheeks, chin + mouth, eyes), neck, chest, fingers, back of hands can be treated
★ Treatment is completed at once. It takes about 30 minutes to apply to the face and neck!
★ It is not a treatment that changes significantly ・ It does not use a scalpel.
★ There is no need to pull out the thread or be hospitalized. You can take a shower the next day.

★ 美容専門外科医による安心安全な施術です。
★ 東京の美容クリニックで施術を行います。交通費の補助金が出ます。
★ 前頭部、つむじ周り、顔(額・頬・あご+口回り・目回り)、首、胸元、指、手の甲に施術が可能
★ 施術は1回で完了。顔と首への施術で約30分!
★ 大きく形を変える施術ではありません・メスを使用しません。
★ 抜糸や入院は必要なし。翌日にはシャワー可能です。

About side effects and lisk (副作用やリスクについて)

★ The gold thread used is 99.99% gold. Although the possibility of allergies is extremely low, we are conducting patch tests and implantation tests for those who have metal allergies or are worried.
★ It peaks immediately after the procedure and feels taut for 2 to 3 days. After that, it gradually improves and disappears in about a week. (Pain in hands and fingers is about 2 weeks)
★ Swelling and redness will heal in about 2 to 3 days and will become natural in about 2 weeks.

★ 使用する金糸は99.99%の金です。アレルギーの可能性は極めて低いと言えますが、金属アレルギーをお持ちの方・ご不安な方へパッチテスト・埋入テストをおこなっております。
★ 施術直後がピークで2〜3日はつっぱり感を感じます。その後、徐々に改善し約1週間で消失します。(手や指の痛みは、約2週間程度)
★ 腫れや赤みは約2~3日目で治り、2週間程度で自然になります

Flow until treatment (施術の流れ)

  • 1.Booking(ご予約)

    Please make a booking by phone.

  • 2. Visit/Counseling(来店/カウンセリング)

    A professional counselor will explain the specific plan, fee, risk, etc. about the treatment in an easy-to-understand manner. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns in as much detail as possible about your concerns and wishes. If you are satisfied with the contents, we will decide the treatment schedule.

  • 3. Move(移動)

    The treatment will be held at a beauty clinic in Tokyo, so please fly.There will be a subsidy for transportation expenses.

  • 4. Treatment(施術)

    You will be treated by a Aesthetic Plastic surgeon at a beauty clinic in Tokyo.

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