MIX Hair Removal for men

About MIX Hair Removal

A special menu that removes hair at once with Brazilian wax and gradually makes the skin beautiful with SHR Laser. "MIX Hair Removal" will be provided by our salon for the first time in Okinawa.

With conventional SHR hair removal alone, hair removal after shaving will result in new hair growing in 2 weeks."Mix hair removal" has a long-lasting effect because it irradiates the hair that will grow after removing the hair with Wax.Wax removes dead skin cells from hair and skin, and you can feel the effect even with a single light irradiation.



  • Hair is removed with Brazilian wax, so there is no need for self-treatment before coming to the salon.It is also attractive that it is long-lasting.
  • We will approach the hair that will grow with SHR hair removal. Not only hair removal but also beauty effect can be obtained only.
  • As the hair grows thinner due to the effect of SHR hair removal, it can be expected that the pain of the next Brazilian wax will be reduced.
  • By repeating MIX hair removal, you can gradually approach the skin without any care while keeping the smooth feeling.

This effect with one treatment! (1回の施術でこの効果!)

Pleasure to become a habit! (クセになる快感!)

Recommended for people like this!

  • I like wax, but I'm also concerned about the light hair loss that I can gradually lose.
  • If i want to undergo photoepilation, i have to shave myself with a razor in advance, which is troublesome.
  • I want to receive a Brazilian wax that doesn't hurt.
  • Those who want to remove their hair on the spot and not grow thin in the long run.
  • For those who feel that even if you apply Brazilian wax, your hair will grow soon, and for those who think it would be better if the Brazilian wax lasts longer (the period during which it keeps smooth).


  • ワックスの即効性も好きなんだけど、徐々になくしていける光脱毛も気になっている方。
  • 光脱毛を受ける場合はかみそりで事前に自分で剃ってからいかなければいけないから面倒くさい。かみそりで剃ったあとのジョリジョリするのも苦手な方。
  • 痛くないブラジリアンワックスを受けたい。
  • その場で今すぐ除毛もしたいし、長い目で見ると薄く生えてこないようにしていきたいとも思っている方。
  • ブラジリアンワックスをしてもすぐにヘアが伸びてきてしまうと感じる方で、ブラジリアンワックスの持ち(ツルツルがキープする期間)がもっと長くなれば良いのになと思っている方。


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