SHR Laser Hair removal

About SHR Laser Hair Removal

SHR (Super Hair Removal) is a state of the art heat storage type hair removal method that stores and stimulates various weak energies from hair follicles to bulging parts that are unnecessary hair regeneration sources. Since it can be used regardless of the hair cycle, hair removal is completed in a relatively short time (once every 2 to 3 weeks). Unlike the IPL method, which reacts to melanin, which is the conventional hair removal method, it can be applied to sunburned skin.

It is also effective at the roots of blonde hair and gray hair, which was once difficult, and there is almost no pain. It is a next-generation hair removal method that is currently attracting attention. Since it promotes skin turnover, you can expect a beautiful skin effect.

SHR (スーパーヘアーリムーバル) は、毛包からムダ毛再生の元となるバルジ領域まで、弱いエネルギーを広く蓄積して刺激をする最先端の蓄熱式脱毛方法です。毛周期に関係なく利用できるため、比較的短期間で脱毛が完了します(2~3週間に1回のペース)。従来の脱毛法であるメラニンに反応するIPL方式とは異なり、日焼け肌でも施術可能です。また従来は難しかった金髪、白髪の毛根にも効果があり、痛みもほぼゼロという、今注目の次世代型脱毛方法になります。肌のターンオーバーを促すので、美肌効果も期待できます。

Hair melanin pigment and hair root (毛のメラニン色素と毛根) 毛包 (Hair follicles)
Damages hair roots by reacting light with melanin pigment and generating heat (メラニン色素に光を反応させ、熱を生み出す事によって毛根にダメージを与る) A special light damages the hair follicles with low heat, damaging the dermal papilla. Hair suppression effect can be obtained because the bulge area in the hair follicle is also damaged. (特殊な光で毛包に低い熱でダメージをあたえ、毛乳頭にダメージを加えます。毛包の中のバルジ領域にもダメージが加わるため抑毛効果を得られる)
Only growing hair is effective. It is necessary to remove hair according to the hair cycle.(効果があるのは成長期の毛のみ。毛周期に合わせて脱毛していく必要がある) It has a hair removal effect regardless of the degree of hair growth. It is not bound by the hair cycle. (毛の成長度合いに関係なく脱毛効果があります。毛周期にとらわれることない)
Tingling pain / hair growth, blonde NG / sunburn, dark skin NG (チクチクした痛み/産毛、金髪NG/日焼け、色黒肌NG) No pain / hair growth, blonde OK / tan, dark skin OK (痛みなし/産毛、金髪OK/日焼け、色黒肌OK)

It makes it easier to care for downy hair and unwanted hair!!


  • Can remove gray hair and blonde hair. (白髪や金髪OK)
  • Hair removal of fine hair (lanugo) is possible. (産毛にも効果あり)
  • You can remove hair from sunburn and dark skin. (日焼け、色黒肌OK)
  • Aim to complete hair removal in as little as half a year. (最短半年で脱毛を完了も可能)
  • All Skin Types OK (どんな肌質もOK)
  • No pain (痛みなし)
  • Beautiful skin effect (美肌効果あり)


S - Body Parts (Back of Hand & Finger, Top of Feet and Toes, Nape of Neck)
¥2,500 / Part
M - Body Parts (Above Elbows, Below Elbows, Both Underarms)
¥3,500 / Part
L - Body Parts (Above Knees, Below Knees)
¥5,500 / Part
LL - Body Parts (Back, Chest)
¥8,000 / Part
V.I.O (For ladies only)

Please shave the part to before treatment. For shaving at salon, add ¥1,000.
Reserve SHR Laser Hair Removal of two parts of your body and GET ¥1,000 OFF!

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