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About Wax hair removal

Wax hair removal is a globally popular hair removal method. It uses wax based on natural materials such as honey and sugar to remove unwanted hair from the roots. Wax hair removal can be used not only for delicate areas, but also for areas where unwanted hair is a concern, such as the face, armpits, back, and nose hair. Since hair can be removed even in areas close to mucous membranes, the point is that you can also treat unwanted hair in small areas that you are concerned about.At our salon, we only use high quality waxes. Please try.


Armpit / わき
¥3.500 (30min)
Back / 背中
¥8.000 (60min)
Both Legs / 脚
¥10.000 (60min)
Below the knee / ひざ下
¥5.000 (60min)

※ Men's + ¥2.000 (男性追加料金 + ¥2,000)

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