Herbal peels (ハーブピーリング)

What's Herbal peels

"Peeling" is a skin beauty method that is attracting attention all over the world. "Peeling" is a treatment that promotes skin turnover by removing excess keratin on the skin surface using chemicals. The cycle of skin turnover is easily disturbed by external factors such as hormonal balance, aging, stress, the effects of ultraviolet rays, and chemical substances, and unnecessary keratin that should originally be peeled off accumulates on the skin surface. .. This causes dullness, dark spots and acne on the skin.

「ピーリング」は今世界中で注目されているお肌の美容法です。 ピーリングとは、薬剤などを用いて皮膚表面の余分な角質を除去することで、肌のターンオーバーを促す施術です。肌のターンオーバーはホルモンバランスや加齢、ストレス、紫外線の影響、化学物質など外的要因によって、サイクルが乱れやすく、本来は剥がれ落ちていくはずの不要な角質が肌表面に蓄積してしまいます。これが肌のくすみやしみ、にきびの原因となります。

Expected effect

  • Spots (シミ)
  • Sagging (たるみ)
  • Wrinkles (しわ)
  • Nasolabial folds (ほうれい線)
  • Dark circles (目のクマ)
  • Lift up (リフトアップ)
  • Pore opening (毛穴のひらき)
  • Dryness (乾燥)
  • Atopy marks (アトピー跡)
  • Oily skin (オイリー肌)
  • Hard skin (硬い肌)
  • Acne, Acne scars (ニキビ)
  • Keratin stiffness, roughness (角質によるごわつき、ザラつき)

Features (特徴)

Herbal peels derived from natural ingredients recommended by our salon,A new natural peeling aimed at activating cells and regenerating beautiful skin.
It does not contain ingredients that affect the human body such as preservatives and synthetic fragrances, and uses only 100% natural herbs. Penetration of natural cells strongly promotes skin regeneration. By removing old keratin, it leads to stronger skin and trouble-free skin. Where skin turnover is usually a 28-day cycle, it promotes skin regeneration and exfoliation in a short time of 3 to 5 days.


Even for those with delicate skin, it makes the inner surface of the skin strong and healthy. By strengthening the skin from the inside, it has made possible anti-aging effect and improvement of skin troubles. Instead of stripping the stratum corneum from the surface, it accelerates turnover, By regenerating cells, unnecessary keratin is peeled off, so there is no need to worry about thinning the skin.


Progress after herbal peel (施術後の経過)

  • Start of treatment (施術開始)

    Before the procedure, wash your face and keep your skin clean.
    Since the thorn-like ingredients are inserted through the pores, there is a tingling sensation during the procedure.

  • After treatment (施術後)

    Symptoms such as redness, burning, itching, swelling, and tingling are accompanied. The redness will gradually increase.

  • Day 2 (2日目)

    The redness, itchiness, and tingling sensation that appear as a positive reaction will be reduced over time.

  • Day 3 (3日目)

    Natural peeling begins little by little. I will let it peel off naturally without forcibly peeling it off.

  • Day 4 (4日目)

    The improvement reaction is almost cured. The surface of the skin is dry and fine peeling is seen.

  • Day 5 (5日目)

    Drying and peeling will settle down. You can feel the transparency, smoothness and elasticity of the skin.You can continue to feel the effect on the skin. Sustain the effect with daily home care.


Herbal peels
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